Immo2.0 is dynamic, proactive, but above all attentive to the needs of its customers.

A rigour, professionalism, marketing, and human values. It is this cocktail that we serve every morning to people who cross our path in real estate.

Immo2.0, it is also the combination of in-depth knowledge of the business and quality advice that will make your projects a reality.

Tell us about your projects...
We should be able to do what is necessary to ensure your peace of mind and smile at the end of the transaction !

From north to south Brussels, a question about our passion, your home? Call us quickly and let's meet!


When we sell a house, we also sell dreams, memories, a past, a future. That's why we remain human, listening and providing good advice on the valuation and presentation of your property.


Putting an ad online, fixing a sign, opening a door, making a visit, etc. Our business is not limited to that: efficiency, knowledge of the laws in force, professionalism and mastery of a studied marketing strategy, that's what will save you time and money.


Your peace of mind will make us happy. To win this bet, we get involved by acting as if it was for us. The requirement of a job well done is a value that we cultivate for ourselves but even more so for your projects.